Cost comparison

Rentafone Japan was set up to help visitors out and not rip them off.... the high rates charged by other rental companies are completely unjustified.
Our goal has always been to offer the cheapest rentals whilst maintaining a high quality of service.
Don't be fooled by "free" phones offered by some companies - as they say “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”…

Before renting from other companies -
- check call rates : anything over Yen 100 per minute for either domestic or calls to the US / UK / Canada / Australia is too high (and outrageous rates of over Yen 200 per minute are not uncommon).
There should never be a charge for incoming calls in Japan, so be wary of any company that does charge.
- check shipping rates : if not included in the cost, then factor that into the cost of the rental (in our case it is included in the rental cost).
- check if there are any other extra charges such as : tax, obligatory insurance, a charge for notifying you of the phone number, an late-order surcharge (e.g. ordering less than 3 days in advance of arrival). We are almost the only service to charge none of these.

If you still find a cheaper option than Rentafone Japan, please let us know - we aim to be cheaper than the "competition", and provide better service too.
We had a cost comparison on this page but were threatened with legal action by one of our competitors for mentioning their name and thus exposing their rip-off rates- we hope to put this back after taking legal advice.